The Latest Weird and Wonderful Developments in Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle technology is changing fast – and so is the technology that goes into creating safe, comfortable helmets that look stunning and help riders go faster. Here are some of the greatest and latest features in motorbike crash helmets.

It’s amazing how far motorbike technology has come. From the first simple helmet design invented by Gottlieb Daimler in 1885 to aerodynamic, Bluetooth, flip front, stylised designs – it’s come a long way in 150 years.

Until the 1973 there was no law regarding wearing protective head gear on a motorcycle. Since this law first appeared, helmet designers have gone to the extremes in order to ensure their products offer the maximum protection. And riders have come to expect their head gear to look as sleek as they are safe.

  1. Scientific analysis has shown that if all riders wore the safest helmets available up to 50 lives could be saved each year. So since 2007 the British Safety Helmet and Ratings Programme (known as SHARP) has been working to help customers pick gear that has been tested to breaking point. Finely engineered designs such as the Caberg V2R Zonda Motorcycle Helmet achieved their rare five star rating – meaning after substantial tension, impact and velocity testing the helmet proved it could adequately protect riders in the event of a crash.

    Caberg Zonda: one of the few helmets under £120 with a five star SHARP rating

  1. The latest hi-tech biker gear features the inclusion of a Bluetooth system which allows modern motorcycle riders to enjoy listening to their mp3s and talk over the phone via speakers and earphones. The Arashi 888 Flip Front Helmet allows you to connect wirelessly to your mobile, allowing you full freedom of movement and an ability to contact the world from the inside your gear.

    Hi tech helmet: the Arashi 888 Bluetooth Flip Front is one of this winter's most popular helmets

  1. Helmet designs and finishes have become increasingly complex and personalised as helmets have evolved. Initially your kit was merely picked for its practical qualities but today riders often see their helmet as an extension of their style – even their rider identity. One great example of modern motorbike design is the HJC FG-15 Prism, which has been developed in a wind tunnel for optimum safety and speed but also has a sleek hologram design, so its face shimmers in multiple colours.

    HJC Prism: sleek, shiny and aerodynamic

  1. HJC are one of several big-name brands that design a completely different helmet style for off-road Motocross riders. This new genre has a peaked top, setting it apart from the traditional round on-road designs. It also has a partially open face and is usually worn with off-road goggles to protect the eyes when the mud starts to fly. The HJC AC-MX Killer Motocross Helmet has a stunning complex montage design that pulls together multiple designs and incorporates them all on one shell.

    Killer style: the HJC AC-MX Killer Motocross Helmet flaunts one of this year's most complex designs

  1. Some of the latest technological features are made to impress even the most worldly wise gadget-hunter. For example, the Airoh TR2 Full and Open Motorcycle Helmet allows the rider to wear it as traditional helmet that covers their entire face, keeping the wind and rain off and ensuring maximum protection. Or the front of the TR2 can be attached to the back of the helmet – allowing the biker to experience the open road feeling that comes with an open face helmet.

    Two helmets in one: the Airoh TR2 converts from Full Face to Open Face in seconds

New technology is being developed and incorporated all the time. Who knows what professional motorbikers will be wearing in 2050.

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